Legal Rights Observatory-LRO activism persecution tribal rights
         Date: 19-Nov-2018
Legal Rights Observatory (LRO)
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Legal Rights Observatory (LRO) is a grassroots organisation of volunteers dedicated to expose human rights and civil rights violations in India. The organisation uses legal procedures to protect religious, political, and other basic rights of all sections of Indian society, including military personnel and the general public. It also participates in active vigilance against any efforts by minority leaders (religious or political) to oppress the rights of citizens that make up India's majority demographic.
In April 2017, the LRO threatened the India Today TV channel with a police complaint for inviting human rights activist Nandini Sundar to a live TV debate that was aimed toward left-wing extremist groups.
In October 2017, LRO objected to the 9th Anuradha Gandhi Memorial Lecture, commemorating the wife of jailed Naxal leader Kobad Ghandy. Legal Rights Observatory demanded cancellation of the event and sought intervention from police in Mumbai, where the event was scheduled. Though the event concluded peacefully, it raised concerns among the organisers and the police. All earlier lectures were held in Mumbai and this was the first instance when any complaint had been lodged and a cancellation of the event had been demanded.
In November 2017, before the Gujarat Assembly elections, LRO lodged a complaint against the Archbishop of Gandhinagar, Thomas Ignatius MacWan, for his statement against nationalist forces. When the Election Commission of India received the LRO complaint, it served a notice to the archbishop asking for clarification.LRO again lodged a complaint with the elections commissioner against Macwan for misuse of religious appeal ahead of the 2019 elections.
In the Mylliem village of the East Khasi Hills district of the northeast Indian state of Meghalaya, the funeral of indigenous faith priests of Niam Khasi religion, Bah Kulam Nongrum, had been violently resisted by local Christians and two local schools. Sunny Hills Adventist Secondary School and Hermon Zenith Secondary School were accused of forcing their students to protest the funerals. Following the controversy, Joshi approached the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights and filed a complaint under the Juvenile Justice Act. The commission ordered an inquiry into the incident, pending at the East Khasi Hills district authority.
In August 2017, after the Pynursla Gang Rape Case in Meghalaya, LRO sent a letter to Pope Francis through the Holy See ambassador in Delhi, demanding an immediate apology from the Pope for discrimination and persecution,which they allege the Church was committing in Northeast India against local tribes.Though the Vatican did not respond to the LRO letter, aggrieved Christians from the Northeast criticized Joshi of harassment.
A Christian group in Meghalaya sent an email to Indian lawmakers requesting them to raise their voice in Parliament against LRO, which they alleged was harassing Christians by filing complaints and court suits against several Christian leaders. The national English daily published a report in this regard.