Uyghur Muslims of Xinjiang or East Turkestan
         Date: 19-Nov-2018
Tibetian and Uyghurs of China- Persecuted Buddhist and Muslims of Tibet and East Turkestan

Tibet shares a spiritual connection with India and shares very deep rooted inherent cultural oneness with the popular culture practised in India. The forced occupation of Tibet by China and its implications unfolds a series of diplomatic challenges to Indian diplomatic establishment. India is also home to the Tibetean government in exile and hence draws the ire of China for the same.
The apothegm that tomorrow is a new day seems to have betrayed the aspirations of Uyghurs in China. Apart from being stripped of their rights to worship and practice religion , the Uyghurs are facing a dilemma of state funded cultural terrorism at the hands of Han Chinese nationals. Under the aegis of a communist regime the Chinese agencies are forcefully proselytizing the the Uyghur nationals into the so called red-religion (communism) . The challenges at hand for agencies even like the UN human rights council is tough, as China is a member of the Security council and has the capacity to VETO any such interventions directed from UN agencies.