Afghan Peace Conundrum, End for Now.
         Date: 28-Jan-2019
Afghan Peace Conundrum, End for Now.
By:- Saad Khan
The decades-old cloak-and-dagger games played out in Afghanistan between world
and regional powers along with internecine power struggle between various
factions, have been major obstacles in the evolution of Afghanistan as a modern
First year, the Trump administration assigned six individual as global terrorists on
the bases of subsidizing various Taliban factions including Haqqani Networks, but
didn’t declared Afghan Taliban as a terrorist’s clique, the justification and contention
of not listing down the Afghan Taliban as terrorist group were because it
ascendancy over a large swathe of the Afghan terrain, paradoxically, on October 8,
1997, the Liberation tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) designated as foreign terrorist
organization, so at a time LTTE was also governing over a large swathe of northern
Sri Lanka with some of decent-sized invigorated bolster of north population, even
their targets were only Government apparatus and security forces.
In contrast, the Taliban unceasingly targeting schools, hospitals, places of worships,
playgrounds, women, ruthlessly oppressed under their regime, from 1996 to
October 2001 and even now in major cities under Taliban dominance, they’re on
the offensive, civilians causalities, last year, have seen a spike in causalities,
reported estimates are more than 50,000 civilians have been killed in this conflicts,
The big percentage of territory controls by Government (65%-70%) the rest either
are under Taliban’s controls or contested. But regrettably Afghan Taliban was not
designated as terrorist group with all this delinquencies and insurrections?
Latter, when the outlandish and exterior interferences discontinued in all terms of
support, the LTTE was annihilated by Sri Lankan troops.
Ongoing Peace Negotiations:
First, the ongoing talks table for peacebuilding, interlocutors willing to engage with
Taliban for Afghan peace or for their divergent interest? Including US, Pakistan and
others who ever is, did the refusal were manifested or scripted to Taliban by
Patrons countries who backed them and doing so? Most significantly either it’ll fruits
to Afghans without their delegations or will result identically as a staged-drama by
involved actors? And why Trump Administration ordered for withdrawal of their
troops, did they lost their interest? Or played enough?
To answer these questions is not an easy due to many involved actors.
Afghan peace process cannot be succeed without the Afghan
government itself and there can be no peace or any deal without
Afghan peace process cannot be succeed without the Afghan government itself and
there can be no peace or any deal without Kabul. The various flurries of activities to
bring the long-running conflicts to negotiated end, these efforts can surely build the
groundwork for dialogue and help to bring this bloody battle to a peaceful proximity
for talks but while regional states can help to provide conducive atmosphere for
negotiations. Over the last few months, a series of talks have taken place involving
the Taliban top leadership of various factions, the first meeting on “negotiations for
Afghan peace” took place in Abu Dhabi, sat down with U.S. officials spearheaded by
Zalmay Khalilzad but also from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Arab Emirate, the top
deputations from Kabul, including the Afghan national security adviser travelled to
Abu Dhabi, the Taliban refused to negotiate with them directly and have spun
repeatedly the propaganda line: it is the American occupiers we are fighting with,
so we shall only talk to them, further, they demanded to shift venue to Qatar for
next round to avoid the Afghanistan representatives ahead, this innit to understate
the obstacles that Taliban refused!
The Afghan peace is not only pivotal and remunerative for Afghanistan but also for
regional countries, unfortunately, regional/neighboring states never limpid itself
from the blames either of harbouring terrorists ilk for monolith proxy wars or for
their multiple divergent hodge-podge interest in Afghanistan, the certain Taliban
groups by funding, hosting to destabilize others with it, receiving a “strategic heft”
against the same insurgents to remove from their land, this double-dealing and the
corollary of this played-games through certain bands of insurgents warmongering
by regional countries (Either Pakistan, Iran or Russia) also hit them eternally due to
their destructive policies of warfare and trespass. (The fact to it) When Afghan
forces hinted down many wanted faces of the world in Afghanistan during
operational pursuit the head of the same regional groups were freely roaming inside
Pakistan and were collecting monetary source, even Pakistan claimed after Zarb-e-
Azab that no extremist bands neither harbored nor have left. Iran simultaneously
negotiating with Taliban faction, warmongering for their interest, having
catastrophic intention in Afghan Land, lamentably, Iranian headship should
comprehend that coming out of embargoes and more recently being subject to
them again. Working with both India and Afghanistan to build up Chabahar Port,
latter, it is to be link by rail. In addition, eastern Iran is particularly prone to
drought and the rivers it shares with Afghanistan flow downhill from the
Afghanistan crossing side. Russia which is wary of insurgencies, but dissimilarly,
as opportunist in Afghan theatre, feeding the insurgency has led to part of it to
intensify to within what it explicates as its domain of influence in Central Asia, to
retain insurgent-based instability confined to this geographic area and to thwart
Western and American interests.
Surprisingly, the erstwhile Mujahideen Gulbuddin Hekmatyar and other icons that
played by foreigners and for them are still reticent and undemonstrated and their
historical mistakes are repeated, “Who were not having de jure justification after
Soviet Union withdrawal and never let the wounded Afghan nation to build-up their
shattered state”.
Drawing lines against one another in Afghanistan in all terms are
indirectly subsidizing insurgency
Backing insurgency, subsidizing and buoying jihadist, drawing lines against one
another in Afghanistan, providing safe heavens to militants, wantonly retaining
panoramas of mendacity and insincerely playing that often destabilising and
reinforces these elements either by regional powers or by international monarchies
would never break down this “battle of interest” given the name of “Holy war” or
Jihad, it’ll further create hurly-burly.
Afghanistan stability is undoubtedly the real goal of Afghan
people & emissaries.
Afghanistan stability is obviously the real goal of Afghan emissaries and
consistent pursuit of the Afghan populace; the Taliban including their bosses
(Supporting Countries) should realize that if this battle continues, the militants
groups will gain further ground in Afghanistan and in the intervener states, Iran,
Russia, and mostly Pakistan in their governed places, due to their unending support
to militancy and will pose a new challenge to all! If Taliban are from the goodness
of their hearts or have the genuine desire for peace then they should accept
dialogue directly to the Afghan-led and Afghan-owned emissaries.
Taliban should accept dialogue directly to the Afghan-led and
Afghan-owned emissaries.
After over four decades of the war, either the Afghan were never let fairly or out-of-
the intrusion of regional states for reshaping the shattered state or neighboring
didn’t stopped meddling which directly or indirectly supports the militants for
internal strife.
To succeed, master-plan is indispensables to take into account (not only a military
science) the adversary, in this prototype, it’s important to be well-suited to the
insurgent’s nature, weaknesses while nullifying their strengths, choose dissimilar
planning objectives, to reach the point where tied-up. Success required a grand
master-plan. A pathways which defines the peace sought, cleverly and verily
synthesizes diplomacy, military actions, monetary and operational intelligence,
adjudges the build-out of the capabilities nation needs to succeed and should not
be narrowly corner-stoned. Regional states should not draw lines further in Afghan
territory for internal grudge or interest and keep aside all for once and assist in the
peace process with Afghanistan. The Taliban including their bosses should realize
that if this battle continues the militants groups will gain further ground in
Afghanistan and in the intervener states too, Iran, Russia, and mostly Pakistan in
their governed places, due to their unending support to militancy and will pose a
new challenge to all. It is hoped peace efforts will bear fruit and can soon pave the
way for undisturbed and democratic Afghanistan.
About Author :-
Name: Saad Khan Twitter: @Saad45khan
The author of the article is an undergraduate student & writing on global socio-political