Free Balochistan? Imran using Jewish influence for US visit,Pakistan tilting towards Israel & Anti Iran Axis on Pakistani soil
         Date: 21-Jul-2019
Free Balochistan? Imran using Jewish influence for US visit,Pakistan tilting towards Israel & Anti Iran Axis on Pakistani soil
(ICRR Af-Pak)

There was political storm in Pakistan last year when news spread with lightening pace that Israeli plane landed at Rawalpindi's Noor Khan airbase. Rumor also wreaked havoc that Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu secretly visited Pakistan. Accusations and counters flown in the air and settled down. But mystery still persists around that private plane and no official information available on the matter. Many believed that Israelis with active role of Saudi Prince MBS tested Pakistan's domestic audience should Pakistan- Israel inch forward to establish diplomatic relations in near future.
Here is Part-2 of the experiment!
Imran Khan is on US visit, nothing much surprising in it. But everyone was frowned to explore the route he took to arrange his much hyped American tour. According to Arab News and Express Tribune Pakistan Imran Khan requested Saudi Prince Mohammad Bin Salman to use his deep connections within Trump Administration to convince Mr Trump for US visit. Then MBS turned towards his closest American ally Jared Kushner, Jewish son in law of Donald Trump. Kushner convinced Trump for Pakistani PM's visit to Washington and thus hurriedly planned Amreeka tour came into being.
Who is Jared Kushner?
Jared Kushner is Jewish industrialist and husband of Trump's daughter Ivanka Trump. Kushner is architect of Trump's new Middle East policy, who is playing the cards in Israel- Palestine issue on behalf of Trump. His most stunning performance so far was to put US weight behind Israel's decision to shift capital to Jerusalem from tel Aviv. As a result Trump declared with much fanfare that US embassy would be shifted to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv. It has been seen as great jolt to Palestine as far as ownership controversies of Jerusalem is concerned. Following US move to shift embassy, many other countries followed the suit dealing permanent lethal blow to Palestinian cause.
Not only that Kushner convinced Saudi Crown Prince to put pressure on Palestine to "Accept whatever offered in platter" from Israel. It was emotional, political, religious shock to all those, which were heavily relying on Saudi- UAE for their stance and politico-diplomatic positions supporting Palestine and vehemently holding their positions against Israel.
The tectonic shift in Saudi's stance witnessed Saudi Grand Mufti declaring that their is no reference in Quran to assume Israel as an eternal enemy!!! Geopolitics and Geo-Economics holds the keys of diplomatic positions and stance! All of a sudden those holding Jews at par with pigs fallen flat.
Iran- Saudi rivalry further pushed Saudi into Israeli sphere of influence. On Syria-Iraq theatre Israel is hell bent to crush Iranian IRG Units embedded in Assad's regulars. By weeding out Iranian troops from Syria and Iraq, Israel wants to ensure that there shouldn't be any potent force in its vicinity which could act as force multiplier for anti Israel Lebanese Shia militia Hezbullah raining rockets on Jewish state. On the other hand Israel is keen to expand its footprint in traditionally staunch anti Israeli Arab States by exploiting their deadly fear for ever expanding Shia Arch spanning Yemen to Lebanon engulfing whole Middle East.
Yemen Conflict regularly taking heavy economic toll and imposing huge monetary cost on Saudi led military alliance headed by Pakistani retd General Raheel Sharif. Yemeni Shia Houthi rebels gave bloody nose to Saudi and destroyed their arrogance in bloody, stretched battle which perished million plus lives, majority of them local Yemenis.
Anti Iran Axis
At this important juncture Israel- Saudi- USA badly needs Pakistan than never before. To mount very effective but low cost military conflict against Iran, Balochistan is the best place in the world. The Axis won't go for all out war, but it will rather prefer battle of attrition against Iran employing Pakistani radical Sunni groups like Jaish Ul Adl to keep Iran bleeding. If the circumstances demand, The Axis would deploy Special Forces Units in Balochistan to train Sunni militias and to facilitate their operations without paying cost of own human lives. The Doha talks which are trying to appease Taliban has Iran angle too! By pampering Taliban, chances are high that at the end of the day US would convince them to point their gun barrel towards Iran with the help of new version of "Naara-E-Takbeer"
Chances of Free Balochistan in near future
If The Axis finds it difficult to use Pakistan as launching pad for anti Iran Sunni militias towards Iran due to Chinese resistance, chances are best that Troika would put their bet on altogether new country called "BALOCHISTAN" or erstwhile State of Kalat! If Pakistan Army and ISI visibly tilts towards The Axis, China would ultimately try to unsettle the Great Game! But to safeguard its mammoth CPEC investment it may cut a deal with The Axis. In that case Baloch freedom movement would get major boost as Pakistan will lose initiative in Balochistan to The Axis. The Baloch freedom movement never forgets to mention presence of huge Baloch population in Sistan- Balochistan province of Iran and if they smells good chance to liberate Kalat by allying with The Axis, they will certainly encash the opportunity.
Is Pakistan next Afghanistan?
Indian media has correctly explained Pakistan's simultaneous maneuvering with China and USA as "Marriage with China and an affair with USA"
Same thing going to happen on ground. To force Soviet troops out of Afghanistan, Afghan Mujahiddins fought bloody battle on own soil, with financial aid from USA and logistics from Pakistani army and ISI. Soviets ousted after spoiling thousands of lives but Afghan nation left battered and bruised. It became fountainhead of World Jihad, aptly describe by Haqqani Network's mouthpiece Manbah-Ul-Jihad!
If The Axis really starts playing the Great Game from Pakistan's soil, the Pakistan would be new Fountainhead of Jihad, with thousands of radical Sunni Madrassas dotting Durand Line and Balochistan- Iran border as a raw material against Iran. With empty treasure, dwindling industrial production, widening racial divide, growing ethnic fissures and ever growing human rights violations to shun the anti Army voices; Pakistan certainly going to divide into few more nations in not months but years to come.
It means the bloody, proxy anti- Iran guerrilla war which Pakistan knowingly or unknowingly; willingly or reluctantly going to host on behalf of The Axis is not really against Iran BUT it would be against Pakistan itself!
Jinnah's forecast or say positive thinking that "No Power in The World can Undo Pakistan", once badly proved wrong in 1971 and most likely going to prove wrong once again soon! Till then hold your breath and watch it happening!
--- Vinay Joshi