Ohh my love!! A curious case of Suicidal Secularism?
         Date: 19-Sep-2019
Ohh my love!! A curious case of Suicidal Secularism?
First Dibrugarh Muharram riots and then Darrang Incidence of forced religious conversion and systematic targetting of police has revealed new modus operandi of Jihadi forces to directly target Assam's law enforcement agencies. Gradually Assam is heading kashmir way. It's alarming situation for entire North East india.
(ICRR Assam & North East)
The notion of love, as popularly denoted, “Love is blind.’ However, in the case of Assam, love has metamorphosed to be a religious weapon of conversion. Love Jihad is not a new phenomenon; it exists and was acknowledged even by the Kerala High Court. Nevertheless, the racket of Love-Jihad is very evident, especially in the state of Assam. Every Hindu in Assam is aware of such an incident in his/her neighbourhood where a Muslim boy has conned a Hindu girl disguised with a Hindu name. In most of these cases, the Hindu girls end up being married off to these conmen as most of the times these girls are either blackmailed with their private photographs, chat’s or are emotionally blackmailed, as in the case of the recent incident that came to light in Darrang, Assam.
Interestingly, this time, the police acted promptly and taking stringent action, rescued the girl from the clutches of the culprit, a married Muslim man disguised as an unmarried Hindu teenager. But, what followed next needs a critical analysis, as the secular media guided by their propensities of Minoritysm deconstructed the entire incident. In no time, the police were declared terrorists and the Jihadist, an innocent victim of Hindu prejudice. Furthermore, three sisters of the Jihadist who were brought in by the police for questioning accused the police of brutality in the name of investigation and in no time Pseudo- feminist frenzy took over. But, things went for a tailspin for the ultra-left media as the victim came out openly narrating her entire story of intimidation, blackmailing and kidnapping. Pushed to the corner with these revelations, the Ultra-left improvised their defence and deconstructed the narrative, from a Case of Love Jihad to a case of Police brutality against women. As for the ill-informed women’s commission and women’s rights activists got persuaded by the deconstructed narrative, they suffered a subtle attack of amnesia, as the actual victim, the Hindu girl sat on a blind spot of their just eyes. This is not the first incident and won’t be the last one, and perhaps till they witness such an incident firsthand, this nefarious precedence of virtue signalling will continue unabated. This vicious circle of minoritysm and appeasement has conceived a cynical despotism of elitists who tend to force upon the general populace their prevarication and pretence of secularism. Concomitantly, the profound enthusiasm with which the autocratic elitist, the self-proclaimed supreme authority of morality, are hell-bent in diluting the reality of love jihad in this entire facade, a un-prejudice mind can’t help but question the integrity of their moral authority. The racket of love jihad is a well funded institutionalised form of jihad, and one cannot rule out the role of money in deconstructing the entire narrative. As a high-level intra-departmental enquiry is being conducted by the police, due to the swelling pressure from champions of selective human rights. Another question arises here, as to why the police personnel were suspended without waiting for the enquiry to be concluded in the first hand. Whatever might be the outcome of this enquiry, one can rest assured that the police force has been demoralised and this masquerade will act as a deterrent for the police in posterity. As the gullible Hindus get scammed from reality, one cannot help but to ponder if people of Assam are mass victims of the Stockholm syndrome.
As concluding note, I would like to narrate a small story from the French revolution, which would perhaps help my readers to shed the weights of a false notion of secularism and unchain themselves from the shackles of minoritysm and suicidal appeasement. The story came from French revolution, when France was standing up against its autocratic Monarchy.
“King Louis XVI, until his last days of Anarchy, like his predecessors used to maintain a prison, where Political prisoners were kept under rigorous restraint and isolation. These sentences were at times carried out for decades, and Prisoners often had no knowledge of developments outside their prison. After the success of the French revolution, the revolutionists captured the jail and released its prisoners. But, to the utter dismay of Revolutionaries, most of these prisoners returned to their prison cells, and some even cuffed themselves with the broken Hand-cuffs and chains. When one of the revolutionaries finally gathered courage and enquired a prisoners of their weird behaviour. The reply that the prisoner gave to his liberator is something that perfectly sums up the propensities displayed by a section of the media and elitist social activitists.
The prisoner replied, “we have led this life of desolation, Bondage, ignorance and Darkness for soo long that, now the light is unbearable for our eyes, we have become so accustomed to the weight of these chains that we can’t sleep without them, and the isolation and ignorance have developed into such a habit that the sound of reality now hurts our ears.
As a concluding statement, I leave my readers with a question to ponder on; what are the boundaries of secularism? Shall we unite and defeat these false narratives of secularism that are helping in institutionalised transgression of human rights and liberty? Or shall we drown to the weight of a one-sided ‘suicidal secularism’?
May truth triumph!