About Us
         Date: 24-Jan-2020
Institute for Conflict Research and Resolution (ICRR) is a Think Tank founded in the year 2012 and registered as a trust in the year 2018. Institute for Conflict Research and Resolution, specialises in the field of Religious Demography, Religious Radicalism, Internal Security, Defence & Strategic Affairs, and champions the causes related to Human Rights.
ICRR has been successful in developing a team of young and energetic youths across the country dedicated to the cause of Churning Constructive Narratives with a motive to contribute positively to our National Consciousness. Philosophically, ICRR draws its sanctimonious strength from the Principles of Cultural Nationalism and firmly believes in the inclusivity and universality of the Indic Civilisation.
To further its Vision of Nationalism through Academic Research and Academic Activism, ICRR also functions as a publishing house and is registered with Raja Ram Mohan Roy National Agency for ISBN. ICRR regularly publishes intervention papers, Journals, Research Papers and maintains this interactive E-portal where young intellectuals are promoted, and their skills are honed in a manner, that they grow up to be Nation-builders.
ICRR strongly believes in actively engaging with various stakeholders of our Society and believes in working in coordination with policy-makers. The Institute opines that, as a Think Tank par excellence, it is duty-bound to assist Policy-makers in activities related to Policy-making and Policy -implementation