Taliban US peace deal
         Date: 14-Mar-2020
Taliban US peace deal
Amongst Covid 19, oil crisis and crashing economies all over the world, the story of US Taliban peace contract is also making a lot of buzz on the internet. We know that taliban is a terrorist organisation that took over almost all of Afghanistan in 1996 till 2001. Hence, the US military had to intervene to bring peace and stability in the middle eastern region. Taliban is basically Pashtun Islamic, fundamentalist group. India’s all time enemy Pakistan has played a major role in giving refuge to Talibani terrorists in their Madrasas and helping them to revive the organisation. These Pashtuns are ethanic tribes, settled in south-west of Afghanistan and NorthEast of Pakistan.  ‘Talib’ means student; So this so-called student organisation of Islamic Guerrilla fighters which was formed in 1990s with the covert backing of ISI(Inter Services Intelligence Directorate) and CIA(Central Intelligence Agency) to counter Soviate occupation of Afghanistan.
 Talibani code of conduct is obtained from Pashtuns’ pre-Islamic tribal code and interpretations of sharia colored by the austere Wahhabi doctrines of the madrassas’ Saudi benefactors.The Taliban turned out to be barbaric tyrants for Afaghani citizens. No one, not even women or young kids could escape the horrifying atrocities. Though this regime was internationally isolated from its inception, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Pakistan recognised them as a government. Their cruel and abusive treatment of women and destruction of Budda statues was heavily criticised all over the world.
It is said that the primary source of revenue for Taliban is Opium trade and illisit mining. Also according to experts, the Pakistani security establishment continues to provide Taliban militants sanctuary in the country’s western tribal areas to try to counter India’s influence in Afghanistan. Pakistan military has been a benefactor of lucrative aid provided by the US govt to counter terriorism in Pakistan and provide an entry gate to the US military in Afghanistan. It's believed that Al-Qaeda, Haqqani Network, Taliban etc. are closely interlinked and work as a team using each other’s logistics.
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People all over the world are expressing their annoyance and dissent over the newest US taliban peace deal. From the very beginning of Taliban, Pakistan has remained an important stakeholder of Taliban anarchy. India has made a lot of investment in infrastructure projects in Afghanistan. Indian experts worry about the safety and security of these investments and smooth continuation of these projects. They also talk about the possibility of Pakistan trying to create turbulence in Indian region using these terror groups. US troops leaving Afghan might leave India vulnerable in front of China as well.
But according to Indian Foreign minister S. Jayshanakar, India is entering into a new phase of serious conversations with Afghanistan. And the US Taliban peace deal is the just the end of one phase so that the new phase can begin. India is all set to take new challenges and opportunities as they come along. Indian government has created commendable goodwill over the last few years in Afghan society. And we have friends, wellwishers and partners in Afghanistan as well as around the country. We shouldnt be undermining our own strength. We should look at the scenario from the new perspective instead.
The MEA’s approach looks very positive over the US- Taliban peace deal. We can certainly hope to see the better future unfolding in respect to Afghan and Pakistan..
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