Gibberish: A Trait of Communists
         Date: 20-Mar-2020
The official mouthpiece of the CPI (ML), Liberation, recently published a commentary by its designer intellectual, Kavita Krishnan, titled "Population Control Is Anti Women, It Is Not Reproductive Justice". In an utter display of intellectual bankruptcy, that the party suffers, Kavita Krishnan described the move as a 'Draconian Move', a term fancily and loosely used by the left-winged consortium against any and every progressive step undertaken by the government.

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While her entire commentary suffered from Self-contradiction, a portion from her commentary deserves a special mention to understand their darker schemes. Where in one line she ridiculed governments' awareness initiative of the two-child policy, on the other, she blamed the government for imposing control on women from making their own reproductive decision, imagined by her cohorts. By reading the statement, one would get an idea that the decision to have or not to have a child is a unitary decision of the women. Living in the utopian bubble, she chose to ignore the unit of family selectively, and being ardent proponents of abolishing the Indian family structure, which according to them is an institution of Patriarchy, made it into a Women's right issue. The decision of having a child in India is mostly a family decision that empowers a couple in raising a child under the healthy guidance of experienced family elders. The Family structure acts as a cocoon providing the new-born with necessary insulation from outside variables and therefore forming the foundation of a strong Nation, disliked by this consortium.
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An article published in the Guardian titled "The Population Explosion" in January 2011, stated that India contributed to one in every five births globally and held India responsible for adding to the growing pressure on limited resources available in the planet. The numerical journey of Human race from 1.6 billion to more than 7 billion in just a hundred years perfectly depicts the global scenario. It doesn't take rocket science even for the communists to understand why resources like Land for housing, agriculture, potable water, fuels etc. are limited and has a saturation point. Where humans are increasing, on the one hand, the planet is not doubling its size and resources on the other.
To describe this in a more rudimentary matter for the naive communists, let me present a case of Mushtaq, who inherited one Bigha land from his father, and owing to the fact of having five children, had to deprive his progeny as after five equal divisions, he could only hand over one-fifth of his original inheritance.
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Furthermore, in a final act of gibberish, Kavita Krishnan deconstructed the awareness program to an anti-Muslim pogrom. Whereas, in the entire facade created by her Gibberish-mentary, if anything was near to an anti-Muslim opinion was her subtle agenda of signalling the Muslim community to be a significant contributor of population explosion. When neither any official source from the government, the PM or Prof Rakesh Sinha, who had earlier moved a private member bill in the upper house has anywhere even mentioned the word Muslim.
The fact that in every issue, related or not related to any specific community, involving a holistic government initiative is deconstructed by the communist intelligentsia to cultivate a majority Vs the Minority binary is a sign in itself of their immediate priorities. This craving of the communists to deconstruct everything into binaries also reveals their inability to rise above the narrow constructs of class & religion and realise universalism. Lastly, it also shows why the Left has been left out by the electorate, for the electorate have recognised their citizenship and have chosen to shed these binaries forced down the throat by the gibberish-mentary of parochial communists