Make in India
         Date: 24-May-2020

Make in India


US -China economic war situation is not new to the world. Two centuries ago American rule had imposed many conditions and bans on Chinese migrants. Chinese economy has grown 24 times than it was 25 years ago, a direct threat to USA's number 1 superpower position. Now President Trump has been taking on China very aggressively for more than two years. We know all about America’s imposition of tariffs and other trade barriers on Chinese goods. Covid-19 pandemic has only added fuel in it.


Since the last 25 years, India has positioned itself as a growing economy. Indians are improving their standard of living. More cities are being developed as smart cities. land, labour, agriculture, Industrial and many other reforms are shaping India as an emerging world economic power. We have rapidly shifted from argumentative India to Authentic India. We are believing more in our democratic, Constitutional governance than ever before. India as a society has become more grounded when it comes to Indian culture, civilisation, humanity and morality.

Unlike China we believe in the Constitution and just can not accept authoritarian rule. We, as Indian society hail for free thinking, free speech, right to dissent, basically every right Indian constitution has given us.World now needs to change it's opinion about India, because India is in no mood of keeping the looming past matters, control its future. We have decided a path for ourselves. We are resolving old problems like they were never there. 

We are wiping out chances of corruption on a large scale. Reforms like Demonetisation, digital India, Jandhan Bank accounts, applications like BHIM,  GST taxation systems ect. have made the financial life of businesses in India very smooth n easier. 

Online or cashless transactions from cash transactions leads to substantial decrease in corruption, black money and revenue to the government has increased considerably. Tax collection data is enough to substantiate this. India’s rank in World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business survey has improved '65 spots to 77th position' in 2018.

 We will see many more innovative changes and reforms in coming years in Indian economy. We are constructing new means of communication, using modern and innovative technology. Mobile and internet coverage has widely spread even in remote zones with improved connectivity. 

India has one of largest road networks among the world, spanning over a total of 5.89 million km. We are planning to reach a goal of 2 lakhs kms of National Highways by 2022. Not only that, we are working on non-conventional means of transport like water transports, metros etc. India is investing big chunks of money in mega-projects like smart cities, dams, in-house production of arms and amulations, new airports, sea-ports, oil, non conventional energy, research projects in technology and other branches of science, pharmaceuticals, human life especially women and children health and welfare and the list goes on..

Clean India, green India is now a slogan for 130 crore Indians to stand by and not only us but the whole world is praising India for its cleanliness drive. Indian health conditions and ignorance towards cleanliness has always been criticized by International communities and for the right reasons before India made it a people’s campaign. Just imagine, if all these reforms had not happened in the last six years, how would India have faced this terrible pandemic?

One can write a thesis on how India has changed in the last 6 years in the Modi regime. Of course! Some organizations, media houses crib around to earn some handouts from foreign powers. Let them do their job. 

World should understand by now that we are not a docile country any more. We know how to defend ourselves and how to deal with our enemies. National Integrity and territorial sovereignty are the two most important things for India. And our Defence forces, our government and other institutions know how to keep them safe. International investors and countries value these things along with Internal stability with a very high regard. 

Qualitative and quantitative, measurable transformations in India are attracting foreign investors,  countries as an alternative to China. Countries all over the world are waking up to the fact that by investing heavily in single country China, they are risking putting all eggs in one basket and now this pandemic has proved their fears right. They want to give the chance to other options now. And India, as an emerging world economy is one of the best options they have today. 

In the coming years, We are going to be the most populous country in the world. In some time, we will be the 3rd largest economy in the world. We, as Young India, are going to be the largest talent pool of the world. It is not only in India's interest but for the world also to invest in Indian lands is a great investment viewing the next half a century. It's a win-win game for investments, diplomats, Governments, Indian society and all the players involved. We are already playing an important role in world power play and equilibrium balancing. Indian leaders are working tirelessly for laying a foundation for India to become a major influence in geopolitics. As a policy, it looks like India is more interested in having a diplomatic and trade dialogue with many countries instead of lobbying with some larger economies. We are steadily building our credentials in respect to everything that attracts to foreign investors and customers. We are in the process of making our own clubs instead of being a part of already existing power centres. 

Vision, dedication, perseverance, planning and implementation, love and respect for one's own motherland and it's people are some of the esteemed qualities Indian leadership, diplomats, all the officers and employees of all the other agencies and the people standing firmly behind all of them are demonstrating, resulting in such a spectacular and major shifts in Indian stature today. Indian values AKA Hindutva holds the power to rise India to its fullest height as well as change the world for the best. 

Chinese communist Party's mouthpiece 'The Global Times' has written an article about how India can not compete with China in becoming a world producer. If China thinks India is not even in competition, then why is 'The Global Times' so angry about all those companies leaving China to invest in India? And why did they feel the need to talk about UP CM Yogi Adityanath's labour Reforms...?

Here, one needs to understand that nobody is making any high and mighty claims like India is going to be the next super power in a decade or all the companies that are leaving China will invest only in India. This is Geopolitics. Here every country is a competitor of every other country. They collaborate or provide support for their own benefit. Everything is hardcore, crude business in this game. But It's not a  bipolar world like old times. Geopolitics has become multipolar in recent years. Power center of the world is shifting to Asia-pacific region.India’s economic rise since the 1990s has created the potential to transform it into a 21st Century Great Power. And that's why to counter chinese hegemony, superpowers like America and European countries need India to take that next step to control and to lead the world. India-US cooperation at this moment of crisis is pivotal to maintain an international order of peace and security where nations can harmoniously rise together to meet the challenges of the future.

One of the most important points which is in India’s credit is the Young age of India. Developed countries like Japan and other European countries have more non working old populations than working and young populations followed by the USA. Whereas today, in 2020, the average age of an Indian is 29 years, compared to 37 for China and 48 for Japan; and, by 2030, India's dependency ratio should be just over 0.4. We will surpass China in population in some years. This is a very lucrative condition to foreign companies from the point of view of skilled, semi skilled and unskilled labour as well as the huge potential markets. 

There is no point in denying that India still needs to bring in major changes like improved conditions of technology driven, practical education, maintaining global standards of business by improving ease or comfort in doing business, institutionalize business environment etc. to attract foreign Investments. But the way India is improving is commendable.

 Innovation is one of the key elements in attracting foreign investors. So along with major changes in educational prototypes Indian government is putting a lot of efforts in research, innovation and technology development. India has improved its innovation ranking from 29 spots in the last five years from 81th position in 2014 to 52nd position in 2019. We are hoping to reach the 25th rank in the coming 5 years.  

All these changes and reforms are interdependent and cumulative. Yes! There is a major setback and a halt due to lockdown in all sectors of the economy but Indian economy will gradually regain its momentum of growing at a pace of 7 to 8 percent per year.

'Think global and produce local' is going to be the mantra for New India.

Amita Apte