CIA Chief Burn's clandestine visit to Taliban- Unbelievable fall of American military and diplomatic might!
         Date: 25-Aug-2021
CIA Chief Burn's clandestine visit to Taliban- Unbelievable fall of American military and diplomatic might!

CIA chief Burns met Talib 
Media abuzz with the news of CIA chief's secret visit to Taliban head Mullah Baradar post fall of Kabul. Singular agenda of the visit was to "convince" Taliban to extend the August 31 deadline set for evacuation of Americans and NATO people from Afghanistan. More details are awaited in this regard but few things are suggesting epic erosion of US authority on world theatre, how?
Drawing parallels- 2001 and 2021!
In 2001 when Al Qaeda attacked WTC tower and many other targets on US mainland, US President George Bush declared war on terror with a famous Biblical quote pointed towards Pakistan- 'Those who are not with us are against Us' and Americans extracted forced permission from Pakistani dictator Gen Musharraf to use their military bases to launch war on terror against Al Qaeda in Afghanistan.
With just news of US arrival and within a few rounds of aerial bombardment in Afghanistan; Taliban started fleeing Kabul and within a few days the US installed a new regime in Kabul. Within just 20 years, after dozens of talks held at Doha with Taliban now US has proven that it's not a global power to be respected for its military and diplomatic prowess but its political leadership is so sham that it has unconditionally surrendered to the bunch of medieval goons having worn out weapons with no professional military training!
Earlier news was coming in that the US was begging the Taliban to extend the evacuation deadline for US citizens and the Taliban was adamant not to extend it. Finally the CIA chief arrived in Kabul, secretly met Mullah Baradar and probably cracked a deal bribing him millions of dollars to manage US evacuation efforts.
The Epic Fall of US Hegemony!
It's alarming to see the epic fall of US hegemony in world geopolitics. With the erosion of US political might, another threat of 9/11 looms over US mainland as no Jihadi group is going to take US leadership seriously- even after having matchless 11 Aircraft carrier based battlegroups- CBG, most advance military technology and experienced military leadership.
Within just a month or so, we will get an answer whether the Taliban extended evacuation deadline or not. But one thing is clear, there is a big void in geopolitics which China is going to feel.